Introductory Limitless Pilates & Fitness Pack

For our first time visitors looking to experience what we have to offer and kick start their health and fitness goals, the limitless pack is for you. Start off with an initial private Pilates session where we can assess your movement patterns, strength and stability and determine your goals and future directions. Following this you will get one week of unlimited classes, giving you the opportunity to trial as many Group Equipment Pilates, PHIIT and MELT classes as you would like within one week. On top of this, you are entitled to one infrared sauna session.


  • 1 x 40 minute private Pilates session

  • One week of unlimited classes

  • 1 infrared sauna

Casual Class Attendance

Our casual class price lets you come and go as you please. If you can only attend once in a blue moon, or buying a bulk pack is a bit out of your budget, this lets you pay for a class at a time.

We offer discounted prices for bulk packs and memberships.




To create an account or sign in with the MindBody software online, click below for bookings.


Call the studio on 02 4821 8500 to chat with one of our team and book a class or appointment. 


The easiest way to manage your scheduled appointments and classes is with our app, Miracle Massage. After registering with MindBody, you can log in to the app and manage your account on the go. The Miracle Massage app is available on Apple App Store and Google Play.

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