Pilates is a total-body exercise, with a focus on flexibility, strength and endurance. It is low-impact, which makes it appropriate for rehabilitation and injury prevention.


  • Prevention of future injuries.
  • Improvement in strength and flexibility.
  • Increased energy and focus.
  • Improvement in stability and balance.
  • Caters for injury rehabilitation.
  • Aids in stress reduction.
  • Reduction in joint and muscular pain.
  • Improves fitness and weight loss.


Our 30-minute private sessions give you individual training with one of our Pilates Instructors. This is where we recommend everyone entering our studio begin their journey with Pilates. If you are looking to join a class, a private session will first give you the basics of our studio and the Pilates method. It allows our instructors to give you a personalised assessment and progress you through a class when appropriate. Some people prefer to exercise with a dedicated trainer, in which case private sessions can be booked on an ongoing basis to give you the focus you need to reach your goals.

For those who are seeking Pilates training to help with pain, injury, worker’s compensation or major postural correction, private sessions are necessary to provide the supervision and support needed. We recommend booking a remedial massage appointment along with a private Pilates session so we can work alongside you closely to manage pain and strengthen your body.


We offer around 40 classes each week, allowing for a varied and flexible range of times and class styles to suit just about everybody! You can read more about our classes here, or use our booking software to view the classes available this week.