Our mission



It isn’t often that you will find a space that offers massage and Pilates under one roof. They may even seem like an unusual pair - until you have seen them working side by side. These two separate disciplines complement one another and come together to work towards the same goals. Using this combined approach, massage allows us to release tension in your body when you are experiencing pain, injury, or weakness. From there, Pilates allows us to work with you to strengthen those areas of weakness, allowing for a holistic and integrated approach to fitness and health.



To provide out clients with a holistic approach to their health, our studio integrates:

  • Musculoskeletal system knowledge
  • Applied movement and functional neurology
  • Movement therapy and rehabilitation
  • Mental health understanding and integration
Our team are highly educated and driven to get the best for every client. Our studio facilitates a flexible approach to health, based not just on what the client needs, but on what they value and are striving for. At MMPF we value individuality which is why we believe no rehabilitation, health or fitness program should ever be one size fits all. We will work with our clients to facilitate better health outcomes, specific to their history, current presentation and goals. What makes our studio so innovative is our ability to quantify and track physiological and mental health functioning simultaneously, via heart rate variability (HRV). At MMPF we work collaboratively with clients to achieve physical and mental health improvements via the integration of our services and knowledge.