Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a non-invasive method of tracking the variation in your heart rate. Variation in the intervals between your heart beats is normal and healthy, and let us identify the way your body is responding to the stresses of everyday life.

HRV tracking is an important part of what we do in our studio. For classes like PHIIT, where we push you hard in a single session, it is mandatory to ensure we can monitor you safely while you workout. A HRV monitor can be purchased in the studio and is included in the unlimited membership. For those clients who have the unlimited membership and who often attend three or more classes a week, using the HRV monitor helps you to track how hard you are working during each session, and to get an idea of when you might need to increase the resistance on your reformer.


By measuring your HRV we can track how your body responds to different stresses. We can identify how your body is functioning each day and train or treat you accordingly to get more effective results. For example, if your HRV is abnormally high, your body is beginning to over reach and we may prescribe lighter activity for recovery. When your HRV is centralised we can push your limits as your body is functioning well and you are equipped to train harder and handle more stress on these days.


We use the Myzone MZ-3 bands along with an in-house Live Display to track and monitor your performance. To get the best idea of how you are tracking over time, we encourage our clients with a MZ-3 band to record their heart rate variance with a quick measurement every morning. This score is referred to as your Morning Readiness Reading and allows us to track both your physical performance and fluctuations that might reflect changes in your mental health and wellbeing.