Group Equipment Pilates sessions are our signature equipment classes. Equipment Pilates allows for a challenging workout, while reducing the impact on joints and bones.

As well as being the most cost effective way to attend a Pilates session, our group classes create a friendly and supportive atmosphere to exercise in. We have instructors on hand and a diverse mix of incredible people in our studio every day. There are up to ten people in each class, and all of our classes are mixed gender. We do find that some classes are naturally women based, and others predominantly consist of men, but none are exclusive. If you would like a recommendation to suit the kind of class you are looking for, just have a chat with one of our instructors. You can watch videos below of our Monday 5pm and 6pm classes to see some of the different dynamics in our Group Pilates sessions.


Group equipment classes begin on the reformers, with our studio boasting ten Allegro 2 reformers. Our reformers are easily adjusted to suit all sizes. Using high quality colour-coded springs for varied resistance levels, each reformer is equipped with five springs which can be modified throughout the workout to work the legs, arms, and whole body.

We usually start with a warm up on the reformers, and we always use them for a good stretch at the end of class. Sometimes our whole class will be reformer based, and other times we will head into the gym for some squats or into the Bright Room to use the CoreAligns. Either way, it’s different every class and there it’s always a lot of fun and a challenging workout.



From the reformers, we will often head into the Bright Room - a sun soaked room with large windows and ten CoreAlign machines. This space is ideal for improving core stability, moving into deep stretches, and continuing resistance-based equipment Pilates.


Change happens through movement and movement heals.
— Joseph Pilates

We have classes running Monday to Friday, starting at 6am with our Monday morning PHIIT class. Our studio is open extended hours, with classes running from the early morning through to lunch time, starting again in the afternoon through to evening. Our last classes are usually at 6 or 7pm, and we have a detailed class listing on our booking system.